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apartment in Manchester

I want to say that it was very pleasant to work with your specialists. Often there are agents who – if you do not stop at something at once – cannot hide their irritation or immediately disappear. Personally, I am very grateful to you, I think you are working correctly as modern high-class specialists – patient, calm, polite, unobtrusive, do not cross out the client, if didn’t result immediately, patiently extract the needed information. Thank you again for your work and patience


office in Riga

The main advantages of contacting the company are the experience of specialists and saving time. They helped to find a space that met all the stated parameters. Thanks.


beauty salon in Prague

I needed to find a space for a beauty salon. I was looking for a place with good foot traffic, but not in the very center and I got a perfect option. Plus there is a fitness club next door so that the customer base has accumulated very quickly. Thank you very much!


high return real estate

I considered investing in off-plan. There were a lot of questions, as this was my first experience it was necessary to weigh up all the risks. Experts promptly provided all the necessary documents. I am satisfied with the result. Now I have a property in Thailand with a guaranteed income.

Madina and Camille

hotel in Austria

We were looking for a hotel to manage ourselves; it took us a long time, as there were particular requirements, and we worked with different agencies. We seriously considered several variants, but they did not fit some parameters. Finally we succeeded with Experto with a nice hotel in a great location in Salzburg. Very happy with it!

Vyacheslav Anatolyevich

income property

Our company has made decision to start investing into real estate abroad. Since there was no such investment experience before, a detailed analysis of all the proposed directions was required. The company Experto IG helped to make the choice of the country through detailed consultations on the economy of different countries, as well as the tax system. We are satisfied with the investment very much – special thanks to Experto IG team!


office center in Bratislava

I applied for an office center, the interaction with the specialists was at the required level. The manager listened to all my requests; I received all the necessary information on the property, including help with the analysis of the contract. Also, the manager was present at the negotiations with the seller (because I do not speak English). In General, I was very satisfied. Next time I will contact Experto IG at once, I’m planning to have an apartment in Spain.


cafe with a tenant in Italy

Specialists are very attentive and polite. It was a pleasure to work with you, I will recommend your company.


supermarket in Germany

At the moment I invest only in retail real estate in Germany. I choose for a long time until I get an option that really suits me. I give my thanks to the company Experto IG for a good job.

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